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Cathy Buggs
Cathy BuggsUpdated 2 years ago

Python-based data science platform

Anaconda is a data science platform built around the programming language Python. This open-source development tool works as an all-in-one data management tool, creating an environment that facilitates access to heavy amounts of data. If you and your team need to secure, interpret, scale, and store critical data, this app can help.

Users must note, however, that Anaconda is targeted at a very niche audience. It focuses on large amounts of data, making it not suitable for small projects. Competitions, like Dev C++, are a better choice when you are working on producing a smaller amount of data.

Installation and packages

Anaconda is primarily developed to support data science and machine learning tasks. It focuses on the distribution of R and Python programming languages and aims at simplifying the data management and deployment of the mentioned languages. It offers all the required packaged involved in data science at once. However, despite that, programmers still choose this program for fast installation and ease of use.

Installing the app is simple as it only requires you to follow the instructions from the wizard setup. Upon completion, the app provides you with more than 1,500 packages in its distribution. In it, you will find the Anaconda Navigator, which is the graphical alternative to the command-line interface. This makes it easy for users to launch applications and manage packages and environments without using the command-line commands.

You will also find the Conda package, which is a virtual environment manager. This feature quickly installs the dependencies along with the frequent updates. It also facilitates the creation and loading with equal speed and even allows easy environment switching. What makes Conda different from Python's PIP is that it checks for the requirement of the dependencies before installing them. More importantly, it provides warnings if dependencies already exist.

Functions and usability

Anaconda is an enterprise-level software bundle that provides a host of innovative options to the end-user. As mentioned, it is great for managing all kinds of information and provides users an environment that facilitates access to heavy amounts of data. It enables organizations to successfully secure, interpret, scale, and store data critical to their operation. Not only that, but it also works to simplify the process of working together on large batches of information.

Another core benefit of using Anaconda is its enhanced interdepartmental collaboration. The app prioritizes group functionality, allowing you to coordinate with multiple teams when working on one data project together. It updates changes in real-time and is compatible with most cloud services, such as Google Drive. Moreover, it also employs a number of data sources to guarantee redundancy, including SQL, NoSQL, and Flat Files.

Anaconda is modular in nature. You can adjust it depending on your or your organization's needs. Not only that, but the app also provides access to other coding languages besides Python. Be warned, though. Some programming languages may cause a few issues due to the real-time compilation. However, most of the time, restarting the program fixes the problem.


Overall, Anaconda is a data science platform that is best to use when working with a group. The app provides the users with the ability to work with and modify data found in large quantities. Not only that, but it also offers enhanced collaboration features, allowing you to coordinate with multiple teams seamlessly. However, as noted, this tool works best for large projects. Its features and functions are not suited for smaller amounts of data. 


  • Easy package install
  • Best suited for large amounts of data
  • Scalable nodes and functions
  • More than 1,500 packages available


  • Can be difficult to navigate
  • Issues with some languages
  • Resource-intensive
  • Not suitable for smaller projecrs

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Anaconda for PC

  • Paid

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  • 4.1

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